About Us

The ISU Community Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH) network is the community engagement hub for the ISU Translational Research Network (U-TuRN). Through the CCPH model we are working to build partnerships across campus and in the community to help facilitate campus / community connections. Community organizations and agencies value connections with students and campus programming but often find it hard to connect through the large campus network. Similarly, students and faculty value oppoprtunities to work with community agencies to apply their work but it can be challenging to make the needed connections or to sustain partnerships over time.

The ISU Community-Campus Partnership for Health (CCPH) follows guidelines and principles from the National CCPH Organization.  Key strategic goals for CCPH Organizations are to:

  • Leverage the knowledge, wisdom and experience in communities and in academic institutions to solve pressing health, social, environmental and economic challenges.
  • Ensure that community-driven social change is central to the work of community-academic partnerships.
  • Build the capacity of communities and academic institutions to engage each other in partnerships that balance power, share resources, and work towards systems change.

Thus, the CCPH hub is designed to provide a way to link the community and campus together for mutual benefit. Students and faculty benefit from the chance to connect with and serve the community while the community benefits from the support and assistance of motivated and engaged students an faculty. If you are interested in joining the cause and helping us to build this vision please contact us at ccph@iastate.edu or through our U-TuRN group (uturn@iastate.edu). Direct inquiries can also be made to Dr. Greg Welk, the faculty coordinator of CCPH and the director of U-TuRN (gwelk@iastate.edu).