Welcome to Community Connections for Public Health (CCPH),

where we strive to get students connected and interested in community outreach and health.

Current Campus Connections:

The ISU Translational Research Network (U-TuRN) is a transdisciplinary network committed to addressing the fundamental challenges that limit the translation of science to practice. The network includes representation from a diverse group of community-engaged faculty, staff, and students with an interest in translational research and community health applications. The campus-based research group works through various interdisciplinary teams to build capacity to support broader transdisciplinary initiatives. The affiliation/integration with ISU Extension and Outreach (ISUEO) is also central to their work since it provides a way to connect research partners with community agencies across the state. Through U-TuRN, they foster mutually beneficial collaborations between researchers and county agencies to address help critical health needs. This transdisciplinary approach to community-based problems is a defining feature of the U-TuRN group and they embrace principles of Team Science to promote effective collaboration and coordination across the network.

The CCPH group partners with a student organization on campus known as the Community Engagement Club. The club's goal is to facilitate student involvement in community-based programming. The club can help community organizations share opportunities for engagement and for students to find them! Students can learn more about the club on the student tab. To become an official member, sign up through the Iowa State Student Organization Database!