Vision for Community Engagement through U-TuRN

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health

Our focus is on achieving a balance between three foundational areas of emphasis of higher education - Teaching, Service, and Research - while establishing effective and mutually beneficial collaborations with community partners to achieve the three goals listed above to promote health equity and social justice.  As with any initiative, there are obstacles to overcome in order to achieve progress:

  • Limitation:  Students need opportunities to practice and apply knowledge they learn in classes in real world settings. 
  • Barrier:  Health promotion programming lacks support and resources to carry out programs.
  • Challenge:  Research findings are rarely translated or disseminated in community settings. 

The vision of the ISU CCPH is to find synergies that support service, teaching, and research within the community in mutually beneficial ways. The learning and skill development happening at Iowa State University can directly aid community efforts. Meanwhile, community opportunities can directly aid university initiatives by providing students with real-world learning experiences.

A conceptual vision linking the CCPH goals within the broader U-TuRN initiative is provided below:



"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~Helen Keller

***The CCPH vision programming is consistent with the ISU land grant heritage of directly serving the people of Iowa.  The programming is also positioned to help advance the vision of Iowa becoming the healthiest state.