The ISU CCPH group is powered by a web-based tool called GivePulse that allows students to track and manage their volunteer and service learning efforts throughout their time at Iowa State University.  GivePulse provides links to an array of volunteer opportunities and provides an online record of verified service / volunteer hours that can help in documenting  your experiences to potential employers. Students can access their profile through a mobile-phone app so it is both easy and powerful. Students, you can sign up for a GivePulse account here. Be sure to register for the Iowa State University Group!

Once registered, the site provides volunteer opportunities that are..

  • community based
  • beneficial to all parties
  • resume strengthening
  • directly related to YOUR interests

Browse Student Volunteer Opportunities

Students who participate in service-learning directly contribute their time, effort, passion, and skills to local schools, non-profits, health care facilities, government agencies, conservation organizations, and advocacy groups. This service may be coordinated through an ISU course, department, greek organization, club, or may simply be related to your personal passion. 

Service-learning contributes to local, national, AND international groups through academic appointments that can be directly related to your field of study. Through these contributions you can enhance your academic knowledge with real world applications of what you are learning in the class room. These contributions will be carefully documented to improve your personal and professional skills that can stregthen your resume for future opportunities. 

There is literally something for everyone and remember, signing up does not commit you to any specific event. It only means that you will receive emails about potential volunteer opportunites and from there you will have to indicate if you are available to help during that time. Usually the notification will come out 2-3 weeks prior to the event and some are recurring so you should have plenty of time to plan your schedules.